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Market leading intelligent identification specialist Matthews Australasia has relocated. PKN spoke to CEO Mark Dingley and chairman Lester Nichol about what the move means for the business.

Australia Post’s new custom packaging offering BrandWrapped, developed in partnership with pioneering software firm Spawnit, will be featured in a special presentation at Print21+PKN’s LIVE industry forum in Sydney next month.

McDonald’s Australia will phase out existing plastic straws from its 970 restaurants by 2020 and will start trialling paper straws in two stores from August.

Food & Drink Business

Coca-Cola will replace its Coke Zero product with the newer Coca-Cola No Sugar this September to boost consumer recognition of its sugar-free offerings.

An alcohol delivery company has partnered with Spotify to release a special-edition range of wines which can be paired with music.

Foodservice company Sodexo Australia has announced a food waste initiative that will minimise environmental damage.