Independently owned grocer IGA has launched a private label range boasting a natural, earthy packaging design.

A Latvian yoghurt drink maker used Mosaic technology from HP to one million different bottle labels for its new range.

Sydney-based packaging design agency Depot Creative teamed up with a company producing packs of pickled lupini beans.

A US energy bar company has launched in Australia with the help of design agency Jam & Co.

NSW wine company Casella Family Brands has announced new packaging for its Brand’s Laira Blockers range from Coonawarra.

Melbourne-based design company Disegno has completed a nanotechnology project that turns packaging into a 3D experience.

Packaging design company Tweak has helped laundry brand Fluffy forge forward by adding "ultra-reflective" metallic silver elements to a new Limited Edition range.

A friendly macaw has become the star of a range of cold brew coffee released by The Grounds Roastery.

Personalisation of packaging is not a passing fad, it's a growing opportunity. Here are some tips for brands considering starting a personalised campaign.

Design agency Jam & Co has completed a project with a subscription-based wholefoods snack box company.

Sydney-based design studio Squad Ink has earned three medals at two separate international spirit competitions.

A Tasmanian winery has launched a new wine with a label that "becomes a pirate" when inverted.

The Ocean Chef range of fish and seafood products has adopted a new pack design with the help of Motor Brand Design.

Sydney-based agency Made Somewhere got creative with a pet products company to design the packaging for a range of animal bandanas.

To mark its 20th anniversary, Japanese brand Lotte has created over two million unique packs for its Xylitol gum brand, enabled by HP Indigo technology.