Südpack's new resealable solution, Multiclose, enables the production of resealable packs on standard thermoforming systems.

Foils, laminates and holographic materials manufacturer API has launched a custom decorative holography service.

The blister pack can now be made totally in paperboard due to an invention by Norwegian converter Moltzau.

A cold foil from brand enhancement company API has been used to create a new visual identity for SnowFox vodka.

A sticker which extends the value of promotional campaigns is now available for packaging applications.

Packaging films producer Innovia has responded to demand for high-speed materials with the launch of a new coextruded material.

Materials and labelling company Avery Dennison has released a range of tamper-evident labels which it claims provide added security.

UK-based KM Packaging Services has come up with a packaging film which claims to increase shelf life and reduce in-pack cooking time.

Renewable packaging solutions company Stora Enso has introduced a new product for child-resistant packaging.

The consumer impact of packaging using foils and laminates has been measured by a research company.

Innovia Films has launched RayoForm ICU, a crystal clear In-Mould Label film produced using the company's proprietary bubble process.

Plastic packaging producer RPC has designed a marble-effect finish for its supersoft tube caps.

Packaging company KM Packaging Services has launched a range of lidding films for aluminium foil trays which stop fog from forming.

Klöckner Pentaplast has developed a shrink label film which claims to offer maximum light-blocking properties into the film process.

US scientists have come up with a biodegradable nanocomposite film using sweet potato starch and thyme essential oil.