Packaging is at a sustainability “tipping point”, with strong growth reported around the world for companies using ethical packaging.

The first wave of a new biodegradable straw made of seaweed is on its way to early adopters.

Hobart City Council has voted to become the first Australian city to completely ban single-use plastic packaging by 2020. PKN takes a closer look.

The global recycled packaging materials market is set to hit a value of $180.1 billion USD by 2023, which represents almost six per cent growth per year.

L’Or, Moccona, and TerraCycle have invited consumers to sign up to be public drop-off locations for used coffee capsules, as part of a scheme to divert more waste from landfill.

All single-serve Mount Franklin Still bottles of 600ml or less are now made from one hundred per cent recycled plastic.

Several Melbourne councils have been forced to divert their recyclable waste to landfill following the temporary closure of waste management company SKM’s Coolaroo and Laverton North sites.

Global Recycling Day 2019 will be held on 18 March, and the Global Recycling Foundation (GRF) aims to use it to promote recycling as a way of reducing carbon emissions.

A slew of large companies have banded together to address the problem of plastic waste entering the environment.

Coffee company Allpress Espresso has introduced two new reusable cups in an effort to reduce waste to landfill.

Scheufelen Paper is developing a new paper based on grass, which the company says may herald a switch from plastic and recycled paper bags, trays and packaging foils to the grass paper.

Procter and Gamble has teamed up with TerraCycle for a national recycling program for dish care products and air fresheners.

Recycling of eligible drink containers has soared by 69 per cent in NSW since the Return and Earn container deposit scheme began last year, and Coca-Cola is partnering with environmental collective CitizenBlue to take advantage of the program.

Australian Paper has Works Approval from Victoria's environmental protection agency for its proposed $600m Energy from Waste (EfW) facilty, meaning the innovative project at its Maryvale Mill is a significant step closer to getting off the ground.

Brisbane coffee company Merlo Coffee has teamed up with BioPak to become Queensland’s first coffee business to use environmentally-friendly cups and lids.