Aldi has published its first plastics and packaging progress report, an update on its progress towards its sustainability goals, which include using the ARL on all its Aldi-branded products in the coming years.

Global packaging behemoth Amcor and food and drink processor Nestlé have launched a new flexible retort pouch that is recyclable in existing recycling streams in Europe.

One of the biggest recent increases in contaminated items ending up in kerbside recycling bins are pizza boxes with food scraps. That increase is due to more people eating pizza during the pandemic.

Woolworths has renewed its partnership with TerraCycle to recycle the current line of Disney+ Ooshies, which are collected in special bins located in stores.

SugarWrap is developing kitchen solutions for Australian households with its bio-PE renewable products made from sugarcane waste, including its new 100 per cent compostable clingwrap.

Packaging and bottling machine manufacturer Krones won in the Sustainability category in the German Packaging Awards 2020 for a beverage bottle designed for recycling.

Amcor has joined the Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0, which brings together more than 85 companies and organisations across the packaging value chain.

Nestlé and iQ Renew are starting a trial that will see soft plastics collected through kerbside recycling. It will start with 2000 households on the NSW Central Coast.

Manufacturers are boosting their recycling efforts, and to support this Bonfiglioli offers a wide range of solutions for recycling processing and machinery.

Australian wine brand The Hidden Sea has joined the fight against ocean plastics through a partnership with ReSea Project, committing to help remove one billion plastic bottles from the world’s oceans by 2030

An independent national audit of recycling information on consumer products and packaging reveals what the ACOR said is “confusing for consumers and does not support better recycling”.

A new WWF report found that phasing out most types of disposable plastic foodware and containers – in addition other plastics – would help halve Australia's plastics pollution.

AORA, the national voice of the organics recycling industry, believes Plastic Wars, featured on Four Corners, contains valuable lessons for Australia in better managing its waste and recycling tasks.

Martogg, Trendpac, and Aldi have teamed up to put more Australian-made rPET on supermarket shelves.

The APCO has released the August schedule for its Weekly Community Webinar series. The series has proved popular, with more than 3000 people attending past webinars.

The third webinar in a five-part global series will discuss how Covid-19 is impacting the packaging industry in relation to sustainable packaging and global recycling targets.