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To address the multiple challenges and opportunities the sector faces in the new economy, the APPMA will bring together a mix of high-profile industry experts and international thought leaders for its 2021 Business and Industry Conference.

Both the public and the private sector have made their intentions known: it is time to take back Australia’s manufacturing. To this end, there's a lot of support available to local manufacturers.

A new report produced by APPMA and RMIT University says packaging and processing machinery used collaboratively can reduce food waste, and provides analysis of major trends and opportunities for the sector.

The latest research report from Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre looks at the sector’s pain points and 10 ways manufacturers can be smarter operators.

Manufacturing, as well as food and agriculture have been identified as areas where science and technology can be used to help restore economic growth and resilience in the recovery from Covid-19.

Many casual employees are happy with the flexibility and variety of their work, according to Glenn Redman, CEO of workforce planning company APG Workforce.

SMC pursued a different approach to increasing the effectiveness of its salespeople: an innovative training programme that helps salespeople put relationships first.

Much has been said of the economic impact of Covid-19 on the sales industry, but what has been the true emotional cost of the pandemic on those responsible for making those sales?

One of the many things we’ve learned about over the past few months is self-sufficiency. Australia and New Zealand have gradually outsourced much of their supply chains to reduce costs.

Long-term partnerships are key in supplying casuals to the packaging industry and it is imperative that recruiters work closely with clients, according to workforce management firm APG Workforce.

Australia must embrace a new era of innovation and economic reform to rebound from recession and fix an inefficient economy, according to a new report published this week.

Founded in 1950, Heat and Control, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier, celebrates its 70th anniversary on 27 June, with plans to mark this platinum occasion with a 12-month long celebration.

Foodmach was recruited five weeks ago to build three surgical mask machines for Med-Con, Australia's only current manufacturer of the critical PPE. PKN brings you an update on progress.

When it comes to ‘futureproofing’ our local economy to bridge the gap between Australia and China, adoption of automation and intelligent manufacturing technology will change Australia’s economic trajectory.

Food and beverage manufacturing is the leading industry in this year’s Australia's Top 100 Manufacturers, with 35 companies making the list. Fonterra Co-op Group made the top 10, ranked #2, JBS Australia was next at #13.

Industry 4.0, talent development, cyber security, and the environment challenge are the top issues facing the manufacturing sector in 2020. Tim Keech, sales and marketing director for APPMA member SMC Corporation, shares his insight.