Manufacturing Today

The energy crisis is impacting industry across the board, including the packaging and processing sectors, which are major energy users in the manufacture of packaging and products. Ai Group's chief executive Innes Willox weighs in on yesterday's Energy Minister's meeting.

As the big packaging expos from Milan to Melbourne bear witness, sustainability is moving at an accelerated pace from talking point to measurable action, informing design along the supply chain.

As we mark Australian Made week (6-12 June), we reflect that the Australian packaging and processing machinery sector is punching well above its weight when it comes to delivering locally engineered solutions. At APPMA's recent AUSPACK trade show, local OEMs and packaging converters proved the point.

The Modern Manufacturing Town Hall, held on 30 March marked the beginning of a strengthened partnership between government and industry in advancing manufacturing in Australia.

The Modern Manufacturing Taskforce, spearheaded by Investment NSW, will be in attendance at the upcoming Town Hall, with advanced manufacturing its core focus.

In an increasingly competitive global landscape, Australia’s manufacturers are advised by the CSIRO to not delay their implementation of Industry 4.0/5.0 technologies.

The IICA has been announced as a foundation partner for the Modern Manufacturing Expo, cementing the exhibition’s status as an event that will help set the agenda for the future of manufacturing in Australia.

The latest print issue of Machinery Matters, APPMA's regular supplement published in partnership with PKN and Food & Drink Business, is on its way in the mail, and also available in digital format.

Industry 4.0 has given way to Industry 5.0, and the manufacturing sector is poised to take this to the next level, with the concept to be fully explored at the Modern Manufacturing Town Hall on 16 February.

A $19.9 million funding round has been announced by the federal government to help small and medium food and beverage manufacturers lower their power bills and emissions.

PKN talks to Michael Dossor, general manager of Result Group, about his career highlights and his convictions on the packaging industry's future.

Mark Dingley, chairman of the APPMA, reviews the year that was in the realms of processing and packaging machinery, and looks ahead to 2022.

In the latest issue of PKN, Margin Partners MD Paul Allen explains that business silos are complex and costly to the bottom line, and offers a fix for companies that will deliver improved margins.

The APPMA has broadened its Awards of Excellence for 2022, celebrating success across a broad spectrum of the packaging and processing industry.

Global packaging automation technology developer SMC says while moves to sustainable packaging materials are necessary to grow the circular economy, it throws up technical challenges for the industry.

The APPMA has released free of charge, video and podcasts of the Digital Lunchtime Series Keynote and Panel sessions