• No more take home styrofoam at Rivareno
    No more take home styrofoam at Rivareno

Rivareno is launching a new double-walled cardboard take home gelato tub to replace styrofoam tubs in its stores. The new packaging, the first of its kind in Australia, aims to offer a sustainable solution for transporting and storing gelato.

The double-walled design utilises an air barrier to insulate the gelato, ensuring it remains cool during transportation and fresh in the freezer. 

Kieran Tosolini, Rivareno's owner, explained that the main challenge was maintaining the gelato's temperature. "This was overcome by effectively building a box within a box, so that the inner box has an air barrier around it insulating it from the outside environment," he said.

"It wasn't an easy feat, and took a significant amount of R&D to get it right, including the design and construction of the cardboard sheets themselves."

The inner PET lining, making up less than five per cent of the product's weight, prevents ice particles from forming, keeping the gelato creamy and smooth. The outer layer of the tub is uncoated cardboard, making it fully recyclable alongside the PET lining. 

Tosolini mentioned that there are no significant differences in how the tubs should be handled or stored compared to the styrofoam ones, though Rivareno still recommends enjoying the gelato as fresh as possible. 

Testing has shown that the new tubs perform similarly to styrofoam, maintaining the gelato's temperature for around an hour and 20 minutes at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees.

Tosolini is optimistic about the impact of this innovation on the Australian gelato market and beyond. "Hopefully it isn't long before we see the end of foam everywhere - it really is such a terrible product," he said. 

"I believe the take-up of this foam alternative will be strong. The price is definitely more expensive, but I think people feel an obligation to do the right thing for our environment and help future generations."

The new packaging is currently in transit and is expected to be in all Rivareno stores across Australia in the next couple of weeks. This development is part of Rivareno's commitment to sustainability, as the company seeks to eliminate the use of EPS and styrofoam, materials known to persist in landfills for centuries.

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