Perfect Automation launches Suntec Film in Australia

Perfect Automation, in collaboration with Asahi, renowned producers of polyolefin film, has launched Suntec Film, a mono polyolefin film the company says is aimed at "revolutionising" packaging in the Australian market.

This development marks a significant shift towards sustainability in the mushroom industry, replacing PVC with a proven alternative that promises enhanced product preservation and environmental benefits.

Asahi's polyolefin film, previously successful in Japan's mushroom market, is now set to transform Australian packaging practices. Known for its ability to preserve natural colours and flavours, Suntec Film offers high anti-fogging properties and superior transparency, crucial for product presentation, according to the company. 

It boasts "exceptional puncture and tear resistance", ensuring reliable performance on high-speed tray stretch wrappers like those from Omori, Perfect Automation's partner in this initiative.

"We are proud to introduce Suntec Film to Australia, addressing the industry's need for sustainable packaging solutions," stated a spokesperson from Perfect Automation. 

"This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting the transition away from PVC films, aligning with consumer and industry demands for eco-friendly alternatives."

Perfect Automation, backed by Omori's technical expertise and Asahi's film innovation, is poised to assist mushroom growers and retailers in adopting Suntec Film. Their comprehensive service approach includes technical support from Omori-trained technicians and tailored machine solutions, ensuring seamless integration and operational efficiency.

"This partnership not only offers a viable alternative to PVC but also sets a new standard in packaging sustainability," added the spokesperson. 

"We invite industry stakeholders to experience firsthand the benefits of Suntec Film through our trial programs, reinforcing our dedication to driving positive change in packaging practices."

With Suntec Film now available in the Australian market, Perfect Automation anticipates a widespread adoption among mushroom producers and retailers eager to enhance product quality while reducing environmental impact. 

The collaboration between Perfect Automation and Asahi represents a milestone in advancing sustainable packaging solutions, paving the way for a greener future in the food packaging industry.

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