• EQ rod type
    EQ rod type

SMC Corporation has launched its latest electric actuator series, the EQ series, featuring integrated controllers aimed at streamlining automation processes while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The new EQ series comprises slide-type (EQFS) and rod-type (EQY) actuators, which combine the actuator and controller into a single unit. This integration not only saves space but also simplifies setup and reduces wiring complexity, offering a significant advantage in automated manufacturing environments.

Jozef Ceh, group manager ANZ Integrated Solutions at SMC, highlighted the versatility of the EQ series, noting its suitability for various applications including transfer, assembly, and pressing tasks where precision and control are paramount.

“The EQ series is particularly advantageous in scenarios where compressed air is not available,” he stated.

SMC'S EQ slide type
SMC'S EQ slide type

A key feature of the EQ series is its user-friendly setup process, facilitated by free configuration software. “Customers can configure the actuator through a single screen in just three steps,” explained Ceh.

This straightforward approach allows users to define operational modes, set stopping positions, and adjust speed parameters with ease, akin to controlling a solenoid valve.

Moreover, the EQ series promises enhanced efficiency through optimised motor specifications and improved control methods, resulting in reduced heat generation and lower power consumption.

According to Ceh, these improvements can potentially cut emissions by up to 60 per cent compared to existing solutions, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts.

For retrofit applications, the EQ series shares mounting dimensions with SMC's LEFS and LEY standard electric actuators, ensuring seamless replacement and compatibility with additional sensing options if required.

Founded 60 years ago, SMC operates globally with a workforce of 19,000 across 83 countries. The company, renowned as a leader in pneumatics, serves diverse industries with over 12,000 products and has been recognized as one of Forbes' most innovative companies for three consecutive years.

The introduction of the EQ series underscores SMC's commitment to advancing automation solutions, offering customers in various industries a compact, energy-efficient option for enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

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