PKN talks... circularity simplified: navigating complexity in packaging design.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor and publisher of PKN Packaging News talks to Pippa Corry, founder and director of philo & co, about shaping a sustainable packaging future.

Pippa starts the discussion by giving us an overview of how philo & co works with its clients to implement circularity into their culture, design and production of packaging solutions. She also shares her journey into circularity and sustainability, the importance that packaging strategy plays in eliminating, refining or redesigning existing processes, and the common challenges faced by businesses who are delivering circular packaging.

We get further insights into how strategies can go beyond compliance to align with the brand's value, we get a glimpse into Australia’s redesigned packaging future, and how the upcoming mandatory packaging regulations may provide a level playing field and promote innovation for sustainable packaging.

The discussion also advises businesses to be proactive in preparing for the future of packaging, reviews the key skill sets that designers need to validate and deliver sustainable packaging for their clients, and how the complexities of sustainability can be simplified and achieved.

Lastly, we discuss the importance of storytelling and brand identity, the exciting circularity methods Pippa is seeing across business sectors, and some sage short-term advice for businesses making the transition to sustainable packaging.

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Guest - Pippa Corry founder of philo & co

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