PKN talks... recycling label liner material to reduce landfill, innovation for circularity, and women in leadership with Jessica Walters of Labelmakers and Felicia Richardson of Enviroflex.

PKN talks... leveraging the power of brand and packaging design with Nikki Moeschinger, managing director, BrandOpus.

PKN talks with Richard Smith from Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific on solving the flexible packaging paradox, and the Holy Grail 2.0 project.

PKN talks... WOSUP and the war on single-use plastic cups with start-up co-founders Martin Salter and Karl Page.

PKN talks Save Food Packaging with Alan Adams and Nerida Kelton, who share the findings of new industry research into the role of packaging in fighting food waste.

PKN talks about building a recycled plastics campaign with street cred and high visibility to target consumers and brand owners.

PKN talks carbon-offset initiatives for packaging with Aleks Lajovic, MD of Impact International.

PKN talks Our Packaging Future with Brooke Donnelly, CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation.

PKN talks smart packaging and the path to our packaging future with Simon Jones of UK-based EVRYTHNG and Michael Dossor, Result Group.

PKN talks Roll ‘n’ Recycle: a new opportunity for flexible packaging and kerbside recycling with Joe Foster and Jessica Ansell OF Packaging.

PKN talks sustainable e-commerce packaging with Kate Bezar of The Better Packaging Company in New Zealand.

PKN talks packaging exhibitions and the impact of COVID-19, with Mark Dingley, Chairman of the APPMA.

PKN talks about packaging's role in solving the problem of food waste, with Karli Verghese and Nerida Kelton.

PKN talks Packaging that Protects the Planet with Joanne Howarth, Founder & CEO of Planet Protector Packaging.

PKN talks Soft Plastics & Sustainability with Jacky Nordsvan, Head of Packaging, Nestle Australia.

Episode 1: PKN talks Better Packaging with Pierre Pienaar, president of the World Packaging Organisation.