Automation & Robotics

Melbourne-based sustainable packaging leader Pact Group is leveraging SnapLogic’s out-of-the-box no-code platform to help it accelerate and scale automated data workflows.

Described by Universal Robots as the "most innovative" collaborative robot it has produced to date, the all-new 20kg UR20 cobot has joined the company's expanding product portfolio.

Fibre King delivered a full turnkey conveying, robotic palletising and pallet handling solution for Australian agribusiness DAHall & Co. PKN takes a closer look at the project.

Cobots are firmly at the forefront of modern manufacturing and are set to redefine automation as a dynamic alternative for manufacturers both big and small, according to Universal Robots.

To meet global demand for Covid-19 rapid tests, Brisbane-based Ellume, with the help of Bosch Australia, is expanding its production capacity with 144 Kuka robots.

Universal Robots, Danish producer of collaborative robots (cobots), has reported record its Q1 revenue of US$85 million, 30 per cent up on its 2021 revenue numbers.

While many experts cite 2022 as the year for economic recovery, James McKew argues that the economy can no longer sustain delayed supply chains and erratic business operations. It needs automation.

A recent study reveals the high cost of manual palletising when it comes to workplace injury through overexertion and repetitive movements. The solution lies in working with cobots.

To meet the demand for faster and more efficient production, ABB Robotics has added two new members to its OmniCore controller family, available for a range of robots across ABB’s portfolio.

New high-speed pick-and-place sidebot, Wyzo is now available, programmed to work safely side-by-side with humans without protective barriers or performance compromises.

The megatrend automation has gathered momentum during the pandemic, and pick-and-place robots have become the fastest-growing robotics segment.

Brad Yager, director of strategy for industry automation at Schneider Electric, takes a look at how food and beverage companies can drive end-to-end visibility and efficient operations through digitalisation.

Fibre King has developed a turnkey end of line packaging system for Nestle, including a cobot palletiser, for a range of Nescafe stand-up coffee pouches packed in tray and hood cases

Misconceptions continue to linger as workers still view advanced automation as a threat to their employment, however, Universal Robots believes that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

ABB Robotics has signed an agreement to supply its robotic cells for Zume to help upscale its production of sustainable packaging alternatives on a global scale.

Beauty and wellness company BWX has expanded its Melbourne operations with a new manufacturing plant in south-east Clayton, including a new automated warehouse system supplied by Dematic.