E-Commerce & Shipping

The e-commerce packaging market is enjoying double digit growth and is worth tens of billions of dollars, according to a new report.

Amcor has opened a pair of new labs to test and certify packaging for e-commerce.

Amcor has joined six other brands, as well as online retailer JD.com, to found a new ecommerce alliance with the aim of creating ecommerce-ready packaging standards in China.

With an Australian-first end-to-end offering, e-commerce drinks business Brewtopia's integrated model could be a game-changer in the full-service delivery of personalised packaged beverages. PKN spoke to MD and co-owner, Jessica Simes.

Australia Post will give small businesses access to customised packaging and other services that will help them grow.

A study has questioned how packaging needs to change to meet the needs of e-commerce customers.

Australia Post has signed to partner with an online giant in an e-commerce, labelling and packaging venture.