PKN talks Soft Plastics & Sustainability with Jacky Nordsvan, Head of Packaging, Nestle Australia.

Jacky Nordsvan, Head of Packaging, Nestle Australia
Jacky Nordsvan, Head of Packaging, Nestle Australia

In this episode, PKN Managing Editor & Publisher Lindy Hughson is joined by Jacky Nordsvan, the head of packaging at Nestle Australia. Jacky oversees packaging for Oceania with a particular focus on packaging sustainability. She is involved with Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and sits on the technical advisory committee of the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP).

Our discussion with Jacky starts with Nestle's vision towards sustainable packaging by 2025 and its three pillar strategy it has established to support the implementation of its vision covering packaging, recycling infrastructure and consumer behaviour. It includes how the PREP tool is used to identify packaging items that cannot be recycled so that alternative solutions can be found. The scope of this effort is enormous as Nestle has approximately 2,000 SKUs, many of which have more than one type of recyclable material in their packaging.

Jacky outlines Nestle's recently launched kerbside trial with IQ Renew and the NSW Central Coast Council to capture soft plastics for recycling in a special bag that, when full, can be put inside the recycling bin for collection and subsequent processing. We also discuss Nestle's partnership with REDcycle's soft plastics recycling program.

Nestle's brands are preparing to champion recycling to consumers as part of Nestle's third pillar. Jacky explains how this will involve the extensive use of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) and messaging on packaging to positively motivate consumers. Past examples of this effort includes KitKat Chocolatory introducing “Give the planet a break” on its e-commerce packaging in 2019, with other brands set to release major campaigns later this year and in early 2021.

To wrap up the episode, Jacky steps us through the various efforts currently underway to ensure Nestle can meet its goal of 100% recyclable or reusable sustainable packaging by 2025. 

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