PKN talks... transforming Australia’s plastic recycling ecosystem with Nextek's Professor Ed Kosior.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News talks to Professor Edward Kosior, founder and CEO of Nextek, about what it will take to create a circular economy for plastics in Australia.

We assess the shortcomings in our current recycling capabilities, particularly in polypropylene, and how the Solving Plastic Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will be working to bridge those gaps following its funding of $140 million. The discussion explores what is required to transform Australia’s recycling eco-system and we review design considerations, such as pigments in plastic that impact the recyclability of packaging for food grade applications.

We discuss the importance of academic research being industry-driven so that the industry’s biggest pain points lead the way, leading to the development of technology that is single-mindedly focused on real-world challenges. Kosior suggests looking at the success stories around the world and introducing the best of these into Australia.

We wrap up by discussing how the CRC can maximise the rate of recovery from the waste stream and review Kosior’s proposed establishment of an advanced recycling sorting centre located in an industrial setting where business and academia can run trials in an industrial environment.

Links:Plastic waste research centre gets $140’s biggest PET bottle recycling plant

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