A renewable flexible packaging films maker has partnered with a sustainable packaging manufacturer to create a compostable pack for a Dutch organic cereal producer.

Futamura has joined with Bio4Pack on the product, which uses NatureFlex and Tipa film.

The De Halm cereal pack features on the recently celebrated Ekoplaza plastic-free supermarket aisle, along with a number of other solutions from Bio4Pack using NatureFlex films.

Ekoplaza states that to qualify for its plastic-free aisle, flexible packaging must be made from “innovative compostable biomaterials”.

NatureFlex cellulose films are made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood pulp and are independently certified industrial compostable, according to the European standard EN13432 and TÜV Austria’s OK Compost Home standard for home composting.

NatureFlex offers outstanding barrier properties to moisture, gases and mineral oils and for the De Halm pack, is laminated to Tipa film for excellent sealability.

Food & Drink Business

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