• KM Packaging's KPeel lidding solution for renewable resource trays is available in Australia.
    KM Packaging's KPeel lidding solution for renewable resource trays is available in Australia.

For Australian food processors looking to switch from plastic to alternative tray types, KM Packaging's KPeel liddding film provides an option for reducing plastic without compromising functionality or shelf appeal.

With the focus of the world on plastic packaging, many fresh produce companies and other food brand owners and retailers are looking at alternatives.

KM Packaging, the UK headquartered global supplier of flexible packaging and lidding films is promoting its KPeel lidding film as part of a "resource-efficient, reduced plastic" seal and peel solution for renewable pulp and pressed board trays, to allow manufacturers to respond to widespread consumer demand for new sustainable packaging solutions

Recent trials conducted by KM Packaging show that moving from rigid plastic trays to a renewable resource tray with the KPeel lidding film can see a significant reduction of up to 95% in total plastic usage.

Charles Smithson, managing director at KM Packaging, said: “Many food manufacturers and fresh produce packers are now keen to switch from plastic trays to alternative tray types. By combining our advanced KPeel range of lidding films with renewable resource trays, customers can achieve significant reductions in rigid plastic packaging without compromising on performance, product protection or retail presentation.” 

KM Packaging says its recent trials demonstrated the significant plastic reduction achievable by moving from a traditional clamshell packaging format prevalent in overseas markets (including Australia) for fresh produce to a new, resource efficient solution using the KPeel range. As a result of successful trialling, KM Packaging says it is now actively engaged in bringing a number of fresh produce packing projects to the market.

Smithson says, “Testing has shown that fresh fruit producers could achieve a plastic reduction of 95% by moving to a pulp or pressed board tray sealed with KPeel lidding film, a fantastic achievement for any customer looking to dramatically reduce their plastic usage. The range’s high-level transparency and clarity create outstanding shelf appeal for fresh produce punnets.”

“By making this switch, customers can achieve significant plastic reduction while ensuring optimum functionality is retained. KM Packaging’s compostable range of lidding films is also currently in trial and will present additional opportunities for sustainable packaging solutions.”

The KPeel lidding film range is suitable for ambient, chilled, frozen and dual ovenable applications. Anti-fog is available for chilled packs, and the range can be printed to give products standout on-shelf presence.

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