Bega Cheese has launched a new peanut butter brand on the back of its Peanut Company of Australia (PCA) acquisition last year.

As the name suggests, the new product, Bega Simply Nuts, contains only Australian-grown peanuts and a pinch of sea salt, and the product aims to further Bega ‘farm-to-plate’ philosophy.

Bega Foods executive general manager Adam McNamara said it was important to continue the rich history of Bega dealing directly and supporting its farmers.

“Over time, we have seen Bega have the opportunity to bring this relationship into different part of the business – particularly, with the peanut segment after we acquired the PCA in 2018,” McNamara said.

“We provide the seed to the farmers in Queensland and they grow the crop, which we then receive five months later. After it’s processed, cleaned and roasted in Queensland, the peanuts are shipped to our Port Melbourne facility where they are produced, packaged and delivered to stores.”

Bega has invested in dual capabilities for glass and PET processes in its Port Melbourne factory and is the first update to the facility since the PCA acquisition.

McNamara said the more capabilities introduced demonstrates the vote of confidence from Bega into the new peanut segment and further strengthens the position of the Simply Nuts range.

“We now have an opportunity in the natural food market to be known as having one hundred per cent Australian peanuts that are one hundred per cent Australian owned and Australian made, and this separates us from other players who can’t match all three of these factors,” he said.

The Bega Simply Nuts range features a clean, warm and minimalist design and is packaged in glass jars to meet consumers’ growing demand for sustainable and healthier alternatives on shelf.

“Consumers told us that glass cues more towards a healthier, premium product and improves the food quality for flavour while also being better for the environment. For us, it was very clear to launch Simply Nuts in a glass jar,” said McNamara.

"We are really excited about the Simply Nuts range as it really delivers on taste, and we feel strongly about being recognised as a one hundred per cent Australian product. Straight from the ground in sunny Queensland, to the home.”

Bega Simply Nuts is now available in all major supermarkets in three varieties – smooth, crunchy and rustic grind – and is sold in 325g jars for an RRP of $5.00.

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