• Sealing the HP Indigo 6K deal: Currie Group's Mark Daws with SCG's Fred Soar.
    Sealing the HP Indigo 6K deal: Currie Group's Mark Daws with SCG's Fred Soar.

In a single week at PacPrint, Currie Group sold four HP Indigo 6K digital label presses, a sign of growing demand from food and beverage brand owners for the benefits of digital print: high quality, short run, high impact graphics, quick speed to market.

Currie Group pulled out all the stops on its stand at PacPrint last week, the largest at the trade show, with several working presses on display as well as an impressive array of examples of digitally printed labels and flexible packaging executed on HP Indigo digital presses.

In the label and packaging space, an HP Indigo 6K Digital Press with its established credentials in high-speed digital label and packaging production, was joined by an ABG Digicon Lite 3, which the company says is a “compact and easy to use” digital label finishing machine which can operate in-line or as a stand-alone unit “to provide versatile solutions” including foiling, varnishing, slitting, scoring and sheeting. Mark Daws, labels and packaging director ANZ at Currie Group said, "The Digicon Lie 3 is the ideal converting unit for anyone looking to enter the labels market."

The first sale of the HP Indigo 6K announced was to Soar Communications Group in New Zealand, with joint MD Fred Soar attending the show to seal the deal on the stand with Mark Daws.

Soar said the key features of the new press, including options of metallic silver and gold, the new Spotmaster technology and the extended gamut, made it a 'no brainer' for SCG.

Labels is a big growth area of the SCG business, Soar told PKN, with increasing demand for digitally printed labels, especially from food and beverage brand owners in New Zealand, prompting this purchase. 

SCG is replacing a label press that is five years old; this is the company's third label press and its eighth HP Indigo press.

Another company that's no stranger to HP Indigo presses is Ultra Labels & FlexPack.

PKN spoke to MD Ross Fursey about the reason behind the company's purchase of the HP Indigo 6K digital label press, which is going into its Barossa Valley facility and will be used for printing wine labels.

Fursey spoke highly of the sustainbability credentials of the press, and said this was a key motivator for the purchase.

The third sale announced was to New Zealand-based Lightning Labels, and on the final day of the show, CMYKHub made  sale number four for Currie Group. 



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