The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has become a member of the Active Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) to be able to access the leading advancements and technologies in this field.

“We are delighted to welcome AIP into membership,” said Eef de Ferrante, managing director of AIPIA. “ The Institute is a major force in the Australian and New Zealand packaging sector and will help us to spread the word about the benefits of Smart Packaging in these markets. There is plenty of evidence that this region is already embracing these technologies, especially among the many major wine growers. So we look forward to making even more of an impact through our cooperation with the AIP.”

De Ferrante also confirmed AIPIA has become a partner organisation of the Institute.

According to Nerida Kelton, executive director of the AIP, “The Institute is leading the Save Food Packaging project for the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and other programs that showcase the important role that packaging plays in minimising food waste. We recognise AIPIA as the leading association globally for Active and Intelligent Packaging Technologies and look forward to working with them to identify technologies and innovations that could be incorporated into Save Food Packaging Design to minimise food waste.”

“We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with AIPIA and its members and the opportunity to raise the profile of Active and Intelligent Packaging technologies in Australasia.”

Hear AIP member Michael Dossor of Result Group and Simon Jones from UK-based AIPIA member EVRYTHNG. discuss the possibilities unlocked by smart packaging on The PKN Podcast Episode 8.

AIPIA believes that implementation of new technologies in packaging is key to growth, enhanced efficiency and security, reduced waste and to have better control of sales and marketing. AIPIA focuses on the commercialisation of active and intelligent packaging solutions.

AIPIA’s mission is to decimate supply chain costs, reduce waste and increase its members profitability by the implementation of hi-tech solutions in packaging. These include:
Active Solutions
Bio-chemical active films
Antimicrobial packaging
Oxygen, CO2, Gas-scavenging
Moisture control
Temperature controlled packaging
Active labels
Nano-technology enabled packaging

Intelligent Solutions
Sensors and Tags
NFC technology in packaging
Printed Electronics
RFID Technology
Track, Trace and Control Systems
IT solutions, software
Time and temperature indicators
Hardware (logistical)
Supply chain order, control and information systems
Anti-theft devices
Tamper proofing and Anti-counterfeit systems
Mobile commerce
Transport and logistics

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