Marking Awards 2020

FBIF (Food & Beverage Innovation Forum) presents the 2020 Marking Awards, a food and beverage packaging design contest organised in Shanghai. Since 2016, the awards have targeted a global audience, and over the past three years, it has gained attention from Dieline, Novum and the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

The Marking Awards serves as a bridge between brands and design agencies, promoting interaction between food and design, and has already connected more than 80 collaborations.

There are 24 resident jurors for the awards, with half holding senior executive positions in packaging design from top 100 food and beverage companies around the world, including PepsiCo, Cocoa Cola, Nestlé, Mars and Wrigley. The remaining jurors are founders or creative directors from world-class design agencies, such as JKR, BETC, LPK, Brandimage and Backbone Branding.

The Marking Awards’ jurors are committed to providing a diverse interpretation and impartial judgment for the works entered.

MA2020 is now collecting food and beverage design works worldwide from 4 September 2019 to 17 January 2020.

MA2020 will see the division of packaging categories such as label design, structure and material design, product design, as well as opening a new category for brand full case design, to see how the role of design impacts on different parts of food and beverage brands.

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