PKN talks Roll ‘n’ Recycle: a new opportunity for flexible packaging and kerbside recycling.

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In this episode, Lindy Hughson, Managing Editor & Publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with Joe Foster and Jessica Ansell from O F Packaging about the company’s new "Roll 'n' Recycle" initiative developed in partnership with PREP Design.

Joe Foster (left) and Jessica Ansell of OF Packaging.
Joe Foster (left) and Jessica Ansell of OF Packaging.

We start with a discussion about the Roll 'n' Recycle initiative's background and how it came about due to the difficulties associated with recycling soft plastics, the majority of which have a mixed plastic composition. Roll 'n' Recycle has produced monopolymer soft plastic products to meet the physical requirements of packaging while still being recyclable, all while addressing the cost barrier typically associated with these products.

Joe & Jessica explain how Roll 'n' Recycle aligns with the existing recycling industry, pending updates to the Australasian Recycling Label to include Roll 'n' Recycle and the importance of educating the consumers and governments. They also cover the buy-back of Roll 'n' Recycle material from recycling facilities and its return to the market after being recycled.

We wrap up by discussing engagement with government and community groups to reduce the quantity of items going to landfill along with the next steps to progress the uptake of Roll 'n' Recycle products in industry.

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