PKN talks… tackling supply chain challenges and growing demand for fibre-based packaging with Brett Keen of Whakatane Mill and Brad Partington of Ball & Doggett.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor and publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with Brett Keen, the sales manager from Whakatane Mill in New Zealand, and Brad Partington, general manager of packaging at Ball & Doggett in Australia, about the places they fill in the market as a packaging provider in Australasia.

Brett starts off by talking to us about Whakatane's ownership history and its 24/7 operating hours, as well as its position as the only folding box board (or carton board) manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. Brad then gives us an insight into Ball & Doggett, which has been operating for over 100 years as a packaging and paper supplier, and acts as a representative for international mills in the form of a local distributor, agent and merchant.

The discussion then moves on to how the global supply chain issues in relation to obtaining materials and shipping products to clients has created a high demand for Whakatane's packaging solutions in the Australasian market, with a surprising number of international parties also requesting their services. Brett explains that many clients are also moving towards sustainable packaging solutions by moving away from single-use plastics and towards fiber-based products.

We wrap up by looking forward to Whakatane's future projects, the first being the disk filler project in November of 2022, which aims to decrease water usage by 75 per cent and massively increase their output capacity. This will be followed by its expansion project in July 2023, which involves upgrading the paper machinery to further increase their output capacity for bulk orders, while simultaneously improving their quality. The project also brings a significant improvement in the sustainability of the packaging board by reducing the use of plastic wrapping by 160 tonnes per annum, in addition to eliminating Whatakane’s use of gas for its steam mills.

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