PKN talks... cleaning plastic waste from the ocean by selling wine, with Richie Vandenberg, CEO of The Hidden Sea.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with Richie Vandenberg, CEO of The Hidden Sea, about the wine company and its partnership with ReSea to fund ocean clean-up based on their sales volume.

We start with Richie telling us how he transitioned from being the captain of the Hawthorn AFL team to running a sustainable wine company and supporting plastic-free oceans. We then move on to The Hidden Sea's partnership with ReSea, the funding arrangement and how the process of plastic removal is verified. Richie also describes The Hidden Sea's goal to remove the equivalent of one billion plastic bottles by 2030 and their progress to date.

The discussion then moves on to the story of The Hidden Sea, the wines they produce, the design of their packaging and the significance of the whale depicted in their packaging design. We also review the company's sustainability goals and how they're reducing the environmental impact of their packaging.

We wrap the episode by looking at The Hidden Sea's future growth plans within Australia and globally, along with the importance of brands demonstrating leadership in sustainability and engaging with their customers.

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MC: Grant McHerron
Host: Lindy Hughson
Producer: Steve Visscher

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