PKN talks... The rise of smart packaging and its associated benefits for brands and the wider supply chain, with Andrew Manly from Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA).

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with Andrew Manly, communications director of the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) on the digitisation of packaging.

We commence with Andrew providing an overview of AIPIA's formation and history before discussing the multiple formats of intelligent, or smart, packaging, including RFID, NFC, printed antennas and digital devices, plus even improved QR codes. Andrew highlights the various sophisticated and ubiquitous technologies, along with the emergence of consortia and collaboration amongst companies providing the many components required to implement and support smart packaging.

The conversation covers the reductions in pricing and increases in capabilities being experienced as the smart packaging technologies develop, and the improvement in consumer engagement they provide. Andrew notes the need for a strategic focus on delivering smart packaging and the adoption of a holistic approach to identify opportunities for consumer education about the benefits being offered.

We review a number of examples of smart packaging campaigns, the advanced level of Australian projects, the need to further reduce the price of smart packaging, and how digitisation of packaging is facilitating the use of QR codes. The episode wraps with a discussion of the AIPIA congress being held online on 16 November, and Andrew's views on integrating smart packaging within production lines and sustainable smart packaging.

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