PKN talks... Giving label waste a new life, with Dr Carol Kilcullen-Lawrence of UPM Raflatac and Petrina Bint of Wedderburn.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks to Dr Carol Kilcullen-Lawrence, sustainability consultant with UPM Raflatac, and Petrina Bint, general manager labels at Wedderburn, regarding recycling label liners through the innovative RafCycle.

The episode commences with a review of Carol's work with UPM Raflatac, Wedderburn's business and Petrina's work with them. Carol then identifies the different types of waste encountered along the label lifecycle, while Petrina talks about the level of label waste that Wedderburn and its customers are dealing with.

We then move on to reviewing RafCycle and how it works to allow the recycling of label backing paper, including the conversion of label waste into pulp that is then recycled for use as magazine paper. This, in turn, allows the resulting paper to be processed through standard recycling systems multiple times in its life.

Petrina talks about Wedderburn's experience with RafCycle, having engaged with the process towards the end of 2018, their expansion of the process into New Zealand and the amount of waste that has been diverted from landfill. She also notes how customers are provided full traceability of their provided waste product through the recycling and how this has become a major sales feature for Wedderburn.

Carol notes RafCycle's use with other customers in Australia and New Zealand, its support for the circular economy and how sending containers to Germany for processing can provide a net carbon reduction compared to sending the waste to landfill.

We wrap the episode with the observation that labels are here to stay due to their versatility, range of applications and packaging recycling requirements. RafCycle is another step towards the circular economy and every step counts.

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