PKN talks... a boost for B2B suppliers as balance of power shifts in 2021, with Paul Allen of Margin Partners. 

In this episode (brought to you by Planet Protector Packaging), Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News and Paul Allen, principal of Margin Partners and author of ‘Take Back Your Margin!’, discuss the legislative and global changes for B2B suppliers that provide unseen opportunities to protect and grow their business strength and sustainability.

The discussion opens with a review of the many factors that have changed for B2B suppliers in 2021, as the supply/demand equilibrium has shifted in suppliers' favour. Allen then moves on to outline his three golden rules that suppliers can use to protect their profitability and use these changes for their benefit.

We then transition into a discussion of steps suppliers can take to review and improve their supply agreement contracts with practical tips that can help address imbalances and produce a better partnership between supplier and client. The episode wraps up with Allen's final piece of advice and his five per cent rule, which can directly improve a supplier's profit margin.

Allen has recently joined PKN Packaging News as a contributor, writing a new column called ‘The Bottom Line.’ As this discussion shows, he will bring plenty of advice to help companies improve their margins. The first Bottom Line column can be accessed here.

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