PKN talks... Compostable soft plastic in Australia, with Shane Sullivan, vice-president APAC at TIPA.

In this episode, Lindy Hughson, managing editor & publisher of PKN Packaging News, talks with Shane about incorporating compostable soft plastic packaging into the circular economy in Australia.

We get an overview of TIPA’s compostable soft plastic solutions, which can degrade to be used to make nutrient rich soil for crops within 90 days. We review the factors involved when composting at home or industrially, and the challenges that consumers face when trying to recycle responsibly. 

Through this discussion, Shane gives us an insight into how TIPA collaborates with their local production partner Amcor to provide a wide variety of compostable soft plastic packaging for food and fashion industries.

We wrap up by discussing how TIPA is aiming to grow in Australia and move packaging production and recycling infrastructure to compostable solutions.


TIPA's ANZ Success Stories:

R&R Smith adopts TIPA's home compostable packs:

Amcor brings compostable flexibles to ANZ:

TIPA launches home compostable laminate:

Opinion: Follow SA's lead on compostable packaging:

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