Fast food chain Subway has announced it will eliminate plastic bags nationwide in a move to reduce over 76 tonnes of plastic from the company’s waste stream each year.

The plan is to completely phase out plastic bags out from its operations by the end of November.

The move comes as the chain looks to ramp up its sustainable initiatives and reduce its environmental impact.

Indeed, Subway has already issued in the use of sandwich baskets for dine-in customers so that their sandwiches don't need to be wrapped, as well as scoops to serve meat to remove paper serving trays.

Ben Miles, Subway's senior corporate social responsibility manager, says these environmentally friendly practices are high priority for the chain.

"This elimination was a significant part of our mission in Australia," he said.

Subway has also introduced a new smaller paper 'Sub-Wrap' designed specifically for the company's six-inch subs.

The new bags are made from at least 40 per cent recycled fibre.

"We serve more than 1.8 million subs every week," Miles said.

"The elimination of plastic bags at that kind of scale, along with other changes, will make a big difference.

"We estimate we’ll eliminate approximately 395 tonnes of paper and 175 tonnes of plastic used overall."


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