Stora Enso has introduced a new renewable paperboard for both hot and cold drinking cups, as well as ice cream.

Cupforma Natura Solo is produced without a plastic coating layer and designed for full fibre recovery when recycled.

According to Hannu Kasurinen, SVP, head of liquid packaging and carton board, consumer board division at Stora Enso, the company sees strong demand for eco-friendly food service packaging solutions.

“Consumers demand convenience, but in a sustainable way. Recycling will reduce the carbon footprint of a paper cup by half, and the entire value chain benefits from innovations in renewable materials.

“Cupforma Natura Solo is yet another step on our journey to help customers reduce the use of plastics, and to drive the change towards more efficient recycling of food service packaging,” said Kasurinen.

Ebba Mannheimer, head of business for new barrier solutions in the consumer board division, says tests show the board works similarly to traditional polyethylene-lined cups, meaning no new converting technology is required.

“This innovative material can increase the value of used cups in recycling, as the barrier breaks down in a recycling process, and all fibres can be used.

“We are proud to start introducing Cupforma Natura Solo to our customers to further drive renewable and circular solutions and enhance the value of food service packaging,” said Mannheimer.

According to Stora Enso, all its Cupforma products are renewable, recyclable, and a low-carbon alternative to non-renewable materials.

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