• Two billion containers: Return and earn
    Two billion containers: Return and earn

The NSW return and earn recycling scheme for bottles and cans has seen its two billionth container handed in, just 19 months after the launch of the scheme, a number way above expectations.

And the level of returns is increasing. It took 12 months for the first billion containers to come in, the second billion has taken just seven months, and with four million a day currently coming into depots there is no slowdown in the pace.

The scheme has also created around 500 jobs. It is expected that by the end of the calendar year some 1.8 billion containers will have been returned in the 12 period. It is also the biggest single litter reduction programme in NSW's history.

It is estimated that one in every two adults in NSW has taken part in the scheme, which has seen 645 return sites set up across the state. Landfill for glass and cans has been recued by 57 per cent so far.The cans are being sent offshore for recycling.

The NSW government is lauding the success of the scheme, and pushing for a nationwide take up.

Food & Drink Business

Universal Robina Corp, which owns Snack Brands Australia, and German-based snack food maker, Intersnack Group have announced a strategic partnership. URC will sell 40 per cent of its business in Australia and New Zealand to Intersnack.

A distribution deal between Made Group and Coca-Cola Amatil will see its beverage brands Rokeby Farms and Impressed expand into 50,000 restaurants, cafes and convenience stores around the country.

The World Health Organisation's European division has criticised the region's baby food market as it found a large proportion of products are high in sugar and incorrectly marketed for children under the age of six months. WHO has developed a draft Nutrient Profile Model as a result to combat misleading marketed products.