The system which produces packs of PET bottles or cans joined together only by dots of adhesive has been approved as fully recyclable by a European body.

Nature MultiPack from KHS has been granted interim approval for further market tests by the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) following tests.

The adhesive was specially developed and supplied by NMP Systems and KHS.

The adhesive on the unique Nature MultiPack packaging system has been shown to have no adverse effect on the rPET.

Further tests will enable permanent approval to be granted.

The PET bottles are held together by dots of adhesive, so no film obstructs the view of the bottle.

In 2016, the system won the German Design Award for outstanding communication design and sustainable packing.

The tests showed that the dots of adhesive are removed as intended by friction during the washing process.

The adhesive is then separated from the PET flakes as it floats to the surface of the cleaning medium.

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