• The new-style packets of mandarins
    The new-style packets of mandarins

Coles has replaced traditional plastic net bags with recyclable paper packaging for fresh mandarins. The initiative is set to reduce plastic waste by 11,700 kilograms annually and offers customers a convenient recycling option.

The paper bags, launched under Coles’ Unique Selection range, are designed with both environmental consciousness and practicality in mind, the supermarket retailer says.

Featuring a thin plastic coating inside for added strength and moisture resistance, the bags ensure the freshness of the fruit while remaining fully recyclable.

This construction allows for the integration of two paper layers and woven paper netting, enhancing durability and sustainability.

Charlotte Gilbert, Coles’ general manager fresh produce, emphasised the retailer’s commitment to waste reduction and customer convenience. “We know how much our customers love mandarins at this time of year, so we’re pleased to be able to offer them in a new paper bag that can be put in your recycling bin once you’ve had a chance to enjoy them,” Gilbert said.

“Customers can still purchase their favourite mandarin loose, with more than 16 million tonnes of the citrus fruit expected to be sold across Coles stories this season.”

With an estimated one million paper bags expected to be sold between April and October this year, Coles aims to make recycling more accessible for its shoppers.

Rebecca Gilling, CEO of Planet Ark, commended Coles for its proactive approach towards reducing plastic waste. “It’s very positive to see Coles designing packaging to avoid plastic waste and provide Aussies with a recyclable alternative to a plastic net bag,” she said.

As consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability, Coles’ adoption of recyclable paper bag packaging for mandarins reflects a broader industry shift towards eco-friendly practices.

The new-style packets of mandarins in paper bags (800g) are available in all states and territories excluding Western Australia and start from $5.50.

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