PA Packaging Solutions has partnered with Parkside Flexibles, UK to produce the only multi-laminate flexible barrier film packaging with ABA accreditation* for home composting.

Seen as the breakthrough in compostable multi-layer film barrier laminates, the packaging comprises a bio-film, created from wood-pulp that the company says comes from certified sustainable forestry sources only.

This flexible barrier film can be supplied as a double or triple layer structure, made up of clear or laminated paper, with the option for a metallised and bio polymer sealant web. Pa packaging Solutions says this laminate provides excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties that extend product shelf life to help both retailers and consumers minimise food waste.

The packaging, tested and certified by the Australian Bioplastics Association, can be placed in a home compostable bin. According to the company, it will break down under specific composting conditions back into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, within 26 weeks.

PA Packaging’s compostable packaging is available in various packaging styles suitable for clear, paper or metallised printed films, and pouches (with or without a certified compostable ziplock) or sachets. A home compostable barrier lidding film that can be applied to standard and biodegradable trays is also available.

The SIPP range of sustainable instant coffee, chai and matcha green teas were PA Packaging’s first certified home compostable customer in Australia. SIPP coffee and tea is packaged in its flexible triple layer barrier film home compostable pack.

Dylan Garft, co-owner and developer of SIPP said, "Using PA Packaging’s certified home compostable packaging really completed everything our brand stands for – we want to make a difference to our environment, from start to finish. We found that there was a lot of compostable products available in the Australian market but finding a supplier that had certification was a challenge, until we came across PA Packaging Solutions. We live in a beautiful world and we needed to increase people’s awareness of our impact on the environment."

Ellen Burns, owner of Ballarat boutique food producer, We Bar None, produces a range of wholefood energy bars and crackers that are gluten free and vegan, with low FODMAP and low carb options. The snack bars range are packaged in PA Packaging Solution's certified duplex crafted paper home compostable film, wrapped on a flow wrapper.

Burns says, ‘I want my food business to be as plastic-free as possible. I use recycled cardboard and packing materials and tried hard to find certified eco-friendly packaging. I am so proud to be the first Victorian food business to use Australian certified duplex home compostable film.’

PA Packaging Solutions is a partner company to Perfect Automation, together effectively providing a ‘one stop shop’ for all your packaging and packaging machinery requirements. 

* ABA Accredited Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 Home composting – ‘Biodegradable plastics for home composting’.

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