• A green alternative to dog-waste management
    A green alternative to dog-waste management

BioGone has created what it says is the "world’s first” landfill-biodegradable dog waste bag.

As the single-use plastic shopping bag has all but gone the way of the dodo in Australia, there has been an increase in demand for dog-waste bags in Australia.

The BioGone dog waste bag is made of recycled plastic and will break down in a landfill in “a few years”, according to the company.

Consumers might be barking up the wrong tree if they use other bags that claim to be biodegradable.

"These bags biodegrade in the landfill, Fido!"
"These bags biodegrade in the landfill, Fido!"

BioGone co-founder John Mancarella said there are many dog-waste bags on the market that claim to be sustainable, but their claims are “simply not telling the consumer the full story”.

“We urge consumers to do their research and purchase dog-waste bags that can biodegrade in years, not decades. There are a number of ‘compostable’ plastic products in the market... they are generally commercially compostable bags,” Mancarella said.

“For this to biodegrade, it has to be deposited in a commercial compost facility with temperatures of 60°C, plenty of oxygen and good moisture levels. If those conditions are not met, the commercial compostable plastic will not biodegrade, as the micro-organisms need those conditions to live.”

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