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Supplier of automation technology to meet the requirements of the food and packaging industry

We design, build, install and maintain End of Line Packaging Machinery for companies across Australia and New Zealand. Our range includes case packers, palletisers, robotic integration, conveying systems and crate handling equipment

Fleming Dynamics is a professional supplier of ancillary equipment for the Australia and New Zealand packaging and plastic industries

Flex Pack specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of liquid filling machinery for filling bags, bottles, pails, 200L drums and IBC's; sizes range from 1-1000 litres. We also make hot melt carton sealing machinery for sealing standa

Engineering, Design, Supply, Install and Maintenance of Conveyor Systems

Flexco designs and manufactures products that enhance belt conveyor productivity including mechanical belt fastening systems, belt cleaners and ploughs, pulley lagging, belt cleats, impact beds, transfer point systems, belt conveyor rollers and belt

Suppliers of vacuum packaging and systems

Equipment/solution provider