• AR features help bring product packaging to life via the Shazam app.
    AR features help bring product packaging to life via the Shazam app.

The maker of the music recognition app Shazam has now launched a new augmented reality (AR) platform designed to bring packaging to life.

Shazam's AR features claim to “bring any marketing materials to life" including advertisements, packaging, and other physical objects through scanning mini Shazam codes.

Content can be anything from 3D animations to games and product visualisations.

Founded in 2000, Shazam’s mobile app lets consumers identify songs playing in the background by tapping a button.

But it has long since branched out into other verticals such as packaging.

In 2015, Shazam announced a new visual recognition feature which allows users to scan things like magazines, posters, and packaging that creates what the company refers to as “dynamic pieces of content” — which may include special offers and the ability to buy goods.

Richard Sharp, Shazam’s chief technology officer, will explain why and how the company entered the packaging sector at the AIPIA Congress this November. Find out more about the event here.

This story was sourced from the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association. To learn more: www.aipia.info


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