Schweppes has rolled out a new design-led bottle in its biggest change in over a decade.

The new PET bottle design will see a reduction in size from 1.25 litres to 1.1 litres, positioning it as a more “premium” offering, according to the company.

The recommended retail price per bottle will also reduce.

The updated look pays homage to Schweppes’ famous ‘Hamilton’ bottle of 1809, and will apply to Schweppes’ mixer and flavoured mineral water ranges.

Schweppes' marketing GM Lisa Saunders says the PET bottle was the inspiration of Schweppes’ internal team, which was brought to life by working with an external technical team.

“Schweppes' heritage was our inspiration, as the shape of the new bottle is a representation of the 1809 Hamilton bottle in the stand.

“The original Hamilton bottle was designed to lay flat on its side, keeping the cork wet to retain carbonation.”

The new bottles are being blown in-house in Schweppes' factories.

Saunders says the updated design is “elegant, thoughtful and contemporary”.

“With a new, more premium bottle design we hope to create a stronger connection with the experience of drinking our quality products,” she says.

“Australians trust the Schweppes brand and have high quality expectations of our liquids.

“Now we have a design that matches those expectations, and connects the quality liquid inside to the look of the bottle on the outside.”

“By leveraging the heritage of the famous Schweppes ‘Hamilton’ design, it places us in a more premium market.”

The range will also be updated to include less sugar and “more natural” flavour profiles.

The new bottle design applies to the Schweppes mixer and the mineral water ranges, while only the flavoured mineral water range has been updated with new flavours.

“Design-led innovation has been a hallmark of Schweppes for more than 230 years, and the latest innovation to our bottle shape and some of our recipes continues this tradition,” Saunders says.

The new PET bottle shape and packaging is a move to reposition Schweppes in the mainstream sparkling beverage market, and making them more appealing to discerning adult consumers.

“Considerable research shows that consumers really like the new bottle and in particular, the sleek profile of the neck.”

Schweppes will launch three new flavours in the new 1.1 litre packs:

• Blood Orange and Passionfruit
• Apple and Cranberry
• Pineapple and Lemon

Schweppes infused and natural mineral water will also move to the new 1.1 litre bottle without any liquid changes.

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