A foil packaging breakfast pouch by Cas-Pak products was lauded - and awarded - for its food waste credentials. 

The Design Innovation of the Year Award - Food Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, packaging and machinery/equipment, within food packaging and processing including fresh, frozen, or other.

The Materials & Packaging award was given to the Radix Nutrition foil packaging breakfast pouch by Cas-Pak products.

The pouch is simple to use, accessible in any situation, preserves nutrients, and, most importantly, ensures there is no food waste.

The packaging needed to be durable yet lightweight, as the company didn’t want to create problems for their users, many of whom are marathon runners, athletes, rugby players, endurance long-distance runners, cyclists, and campers.

Radix Nutrition end users want to avoid increases in the weight of their kit, so the pouch had to be highly functional yet add no additional weight.

A High Commendation was awarded to the Grape N’Go 100% recyclable PET based resealable Fresh Lid by Result Packaging.

The Grape N' Go product is packed with controlled atmosphere in the punnet. The structure of the Fresh Lid has two laminated layers with perforated laser holes on the surface of the lid to allow for optimal O2 permeability.

These non-visible-to-the eye-holes allow for product respiration and support an extended shelf life.

Grape N Go's reclosable lidding employs a special, uncured adhesive layer that is exposed when the consumer first opens the multilayered reclosable lid. Once exposed, the layer maintains its adhesive properties for up to 20 uses, even under challenging cold conditions of refrigerated storage.

The Machinery & Equipment winner was Scott LEAP Suite of Technologies' fully-integrated lamb processing system developed by Scott Automation & Robotics, in conjunction with Silverfern Farms and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Scott Automation & Robotics has developed a fully integrated lamb processing system for disassembling lamb carcasses into the standard bone-in retail cuts.

Automation in this field has only been made possible with significant advances in innovation and technology in the areas of sensing, materials handling and processing methods.

One of the greatest leaps in innovation driven by the Scott LEAP suite of technologies is the Scott Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) sensing technology that enables variable raw material to be measured for size, anatomical structure, composition and yield.

The LEAP technology systems are the only fully automated lamb automation systems available worldwide, according to the company.


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