PepsiCo tapped AIPIA packaging conference attendees for insights on the 'active and intelligent' space last week.

The food and beverage company hosted an interactive session which asked visitors to the AIPIA World Congress for smart packaging ideas.

In the 'think tank', AIPIA members were given timeslots to outline concepts to PepsiCo on how it can use active and intelligent packaging effectively across its portfolio.

Globally, the PepsiCo portfolio includes Frito Lay snacks (Lay’s, Fritos, Doritos and Cheetos), Tropicana juice beverages, Quaker oatmeal and bars, Gatorade sports drinks and others.

Guidelines offered for the presentation content included:

  • Consumer engagement and interaction
  • Active packaging to extend shelf life, including gas scavenging and replenishment, and antimicrobial properties
  • Interaction with smartphones through printed electronics and NFC tagging
  • Increased functionality to appeal to consumers.

These concepts could be for premium products as well as specific promotional campaigns.

All ideas presented needed to retain recyclability of the pack.

AIPIA executive director Eef de Ferrante said PepsiCo was "pushing the door wide open for active and intelligent packaging developers to come up with exciting ideas on a truly brand-wide scale".

"It is showing great confidence in active and intelligent packaging, and our association members in particular, to take these technologies into groundbreaking areas for a major multinational brand, at mass production level in some cases," he said.

The ‘PepsiCo Challenge’ took place at AIPIA World Congress 2017 in Amsterdam on 2-3 November.

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