Coca-Cola is taking its famous personalisation campaign a step further with the addition of last names and holiday destinations on bottles.

In a reprise of its 2011 'Share a Coke' campaign, which led to a global boost in sales for the first time in a decade, the new push will see common family names added to the mix alongside first names, according to AdNews.

However, first and last names will not appear together on the same can.

Building on the campaign, UK Coke bottles will feature names of 75 famous cities and beaches including destinations such as Bali, Hawaii and Miami, in time for the British holiday season.


It will be rebranded under the tagline 'Share an Ice Cold Coke'.

Share an Ice Cold Coke will include more than 1,000 names and 200 surnames.

Echoing the original strategy, customers will also be able to make personalised orders on the Share an Ice Cold Coke website.

Although the original Share a Coke campaign originated in Australia, there is no date yet when the new campaign will reach our shores.


Recently, Coke quietly pulled its 'Life' brand which was launched globally in 2015 after a drop in sales in the UK and Australian markets. It has now also stopped selling the Life brand drink in Australia, but has replaced it with a variation with a new recipe and a new name: 'Coca-Cola with Stevia'.

Last year, Coke rolled out 'Taste the Feeling', the biggest marketing overhaul in the company's history. The 'One Brand' packaging revamp hit Australia this year.

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