A startup has developed the technology for producing a new class of compounds which are able to crosslink a range of materials of natural or synthetic origin without leaving any trace in the finished product.

Called Crossing, the startup was founded by Italian Dr V. Beghetto, the mind behind the new type of 'activators for cross-linking' (ACL) at competitive prices.

He has been working on developing a number of applied ACL techniques for the production of nontoxic leather, antibacterial packaging and cellulose, anti-fouling paints and building materials using alternatives to current methods.

The purpose is to obtain a highly efficient product that doesn't release toxic agents into the environment.

ACL can be used to cross-link a matrix “with itself”.

In a similar way, the carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is cross-linked to obtain biodegradable cellulose that does not dissolve in water and may be modified with antimicrobial natural agents.

Alternatively, ACL can attach or “graft” irreversibly to a polymer structure, antibacterial agents, anti-mould, and preservatives.

Crossing is currently developing antimicrobial active packaging by deliberately and irreversibly attaching preservatives or additives to the inner surface of packaging.

Usually these components present in foods, drugs, and cosmetics and are ingested by those who use it.

This does not happen if the preservative is firmly “anchored” to the surface of the packaging.

This story was sourced from the Active & Intelligent Packaging Association. It will hold its conference from 14-15 November in Amsterdam. You can find out more about the congress here and the AIPIA here.

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