It was a match made in heaven: a chocolate company and a packaging company met, swapped numbers, and partnered on a project that would help couples fall more in love on 14 February.

This week, in time for Valentine's Day, Cadbury and Amcor have been delivering personalised Valentine gifting using MaXQ end-to-end digital packaging technology in Tesco stores across the UK.

The box of special edition Cadbury Milk Tray carries a personal video message from the person's loved one.


MaXQ, which was developed by Amcor and its technology partner Kezzler, gives each box a unique code.

Consumers simply scan the code with their smartphone and record their video message.

The recipient then rescans the code to view the video, and then can choose to post it on social media.

The personalised Milk Tray box is available in 133 Tesco stores.

The videos allow consumers to answer the campaign’s call to action: "What would you say with Milk Tray?”.

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