• The NFCap in action.
    The NFCap in action.

Germany-based packaging supplier Kisico has won a WorldStar award for a cap which includes a fully integrated NFC chip.

The 'NFCap' enables contactless communication with every NFC-enabled smartphone.

NFC technology can be integrated into most of Kisico's standard products, so no further costs for new injection moulding tools or tool adjustments are required, according to the company.

The chip is not visible from the outside, so the cap retain its design.

The chip never comes in contact with the bottle contents, representing an additional advantage for users in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

A wide array of information can be stored on the chip, and the cap is tamper-proof. 

Consumers can use the communication opportunity between product cap and smartphone to access information stored on the chip such as links to websites, product specifications, or other specifically developed apps.

The 2018 WPO WorldStar Packaging Awards will be held as part of the 2018 AIP National Conference in Queensland on 2 May.

This story was sourced from the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association. To learn more: www.aipia.info

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