Innovia Films has added new downgauged grades to its BOPP squeezable Rayoface label facestock range.

CZFA51 is a clear film and WZFA51 is white, and both films offer value for money, according to the company.

Innovia is encouraging customers to switch from using PE85 to the BOPP films as they save time and offer clarity for ‘no-label’ look applications.

Richard Southward, global product manager of labels at Innovia Films says the benefits of switching from PE85 have been well-researched.

"As our films are thinner, the printer will get more square meters per reel, which means more printed labels per reel and increased up-time on press," he says.

"It reduces the number of reels required by up to 60 per cent, effectively decreasing the number of pallets and the storage space required by half.

"This results in less packaging and reel handling costs.

"The reduction in label material weight means that transport and logistics carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 45 per cent. We believe this is an excellent opportunity to save time and money.”

Squeezable films are popular with brand managers, especially in the home and personal care sector.

Labels produced from these films maintain their consistency and quality throughout the life of the container on which they are applied, whatever format they are.

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