RPC Group's WaveGrip division has can hygiene covered with its latest launch in the multi-packing range, WaveSafe.

WaveSafe is designed to provide enhanced hygiene protection for cans throughout the entire supply chain.

According to RPC, WaveSafe is the world’s first covered flexible multi-pack carrier for cans.

In addition to the advanced WaveGrip carrier it features an additional layer of recyclable and photodegradable PE material, which covers the top of the cans. This provides protection from dust and debris, giving consumers peace of mind that the drink has remained safe and hygienic from the factory to their hands.

Previously manufacturers had looked to collation shrink to ensure the can’s hygiene. WaveSafe delivers this with reduced materials and expense and in particular does not obscure the primary can packaging, RPC says.

In addition, WaveSafe also offers a significant point of difference to brand owners. The new carrier style will stand out on-shelf and with the ability to link with the range of WaveGrip Colours ensure that branding is further enhanced, maximising on-shelf impact and consumer appeal.

The many benefits and features of the standard WaveGrip Carriers also apply to WaveSafe, making it the most efficient collation carrier available for application as well as being environmentally-sustainable.

Compatible with all WaveGrip applicators, WaveSafe is accessible for all beverage manufacturers, from smaller artisanal producers to high volume operators.

“We are so pleased to be able to launch the first covered flexible carrier,” comments Aaron McIvor, managing director, WaveGrip. “This is a major opportunity for WaveGrip and reaffirms we are the innovator in the development of beverage multi-packing solutions.

“WaveSafe is lightweight and efficient to apply and being available in the complete range of WaveGrip Colours, means it will create a new point of intrigue to consumers as well as boasting functional and environmental benefits.”

WaveSafe premiered at the Beverage Packing Congress on 24 October, in Brussels.

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