Polymer specialist Qenos eXsource is focusing on its online marketplace offering – Qenos Chemz – to provide a channel for businesses moving online for daily operational activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With operations in New South Wales and Victoria, Qenos eXsource is able to operate, albeit with a Covid-safe plan in place.

Qenos eXsource services a range of industries including agriculture; aquaculture; dairy; mining; petroleum production; medical equipment; chemical manufacturing; cleaning products; sanitary products; telecommunications infrastructure; residential building; gas services; water supply; sewage and drainage; waste and recycling; food and beverage packaging; construction; and laundry.

The company said these industries have been significantly disrupted over the past five months due to the Covid-19 crisis. Day to day, it has been a challenge for manufacturers to assess the impact of the crisis and to find the best way to respond quickly. Many businesses in the market are facing real challenges: whether it be surges in orders, disruptions in supply chains, customer behaviour changes, or closures.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve, Qenos eXsource said it is working to ensure it is fully optimised to do business with customers and the market, and to support them in way that suits them best.

The Chemz platform provides a live purchasing, delivery tracking, and access to account information with a secure login.

Qenos eXsource said the Chemz platform is one of the only online tools in the market that reduces risk and provides support to businesses in manufacturing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jackson Allan, eXsource sales manager, said the company is still open and operating at normal levels while keeping staff and customers safe.

“Our online store – Chemz – has been a big help in keeping our service levels up and providing ordering options for our customers 24/7, regardless of location or time,” Allan said.

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