• PulPac have joined the print and paper advocacy group Two Sides as a new member.
    PulPac have joined the print and paper advocacy group Two Sides as a new member.

PulPac, the inventor of dry moulded fibre technologies, has joined the print and paper advocacy group Two Sides as a new member.

Two Sides is a not-for-profit global initiative promoting the distinctive sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper packaging.

PulPac provides packaging producers with a manufacturing technology for sustainable packaging that meets industry needs for scalability, production rates, and cost efficiency. In just a few years, PulPac has pioneered fibre moulding.

“Our groundbreaking technology that helps producers within the packaging industry to swiftly transition toward circularity,” said Sara Fransson, market developer at PulPac.

“With our cost-competitive fibre-based alternative, they can meet the market and planet’s needs for responsibly produced packaging, but also gain leverage by spearheading the industry.

“With a global partner network, we build a community to support the shift and make dry moulded fibre the global standard for fibre-based packaging.

“We’re really pleased to become partners with Two Sides and are confident that it will help us drive sustainability in our industry.”

By joining Two Sides, PulPac has access to a large library of co-brandable communications tools, consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice and events.

“Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure,” said Ian Bates, partnership director for Two Sides UK.

“Our partnership with PulPac will help us communicate the great sustainable story that fibre moulded packaging has to tell. We look forward to working with PulPac moving forward.”

Two Sides’ members span the entire print, paper and packaging value chain including paper, packaging, inks and chemicals, finishing, publishing, envelopes, forestry, pulp, and postal operators.

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