Speciality films producer Innovia Films has launched the Propafilm Strata SL, a new recyclable glossy film that is food contact compliant and chlorine free.

The Strata SL is the first of a new range of transparent high barrier packaging films from Innovia Films, and can be used as a standalone monofilmic solution or in laminate constructions where it can be recycled in countries with the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene films.

Innovia Films global product manager for packaging Aladair McEwen said new in-house technology allowed the company to produce the new film with unique barrier properties.

Strata SL has a very effective barrier to aroma, mineral oils, and oxygen even at high relative humidity levels, ensuring increased shelf life and reduced food waste,” said McEwen.

[The film] has performed exactly as we expected, proving excellent machinability and printability. Some of our customers are currently running shelf-life tests to prove the product for their particular application which will provide us with real test results.”

McEwen said the Strata SL is targeted to cereal bars, biscuits, snacks, dried fruit and nuts, as well as tea and coffee products, as the development of the packaging film is “very timely in view of the industry move towards recyclability and a circular economy.”

The next product launch in the series will follow “very soon”, McEwen said, and will offer “even higher” barrier levels.

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