• Südpack's new Multiclose packaging concept.
    Südpack's new Multiclose packaging concept.

Südpack's new resealable solution, Multiclose, enables the production of resealable packs on standard thermoforming systems.

Part of Südpack's Multipeel range, Multiclose not only simplifies the packaging process, it also offers a wide range of design options, the company says.

For consumers, it's easy to use: thanks to its wide tear-open tab and Südpack’s easy-open sealing seams, Multiclose offers simple opening and resealing. To close securely, the resealing strip doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned with a particular part of the packaging, while the bag’s wide opening allows trays, for example for sausage products or cheese, to be easily removed and reinserted. In addition, the seal offers reliable aroma protection.

On the thermoforming machine, the Multiclose strips are simply and easily sealed between the top and bottom web using the heat from preheating the machine.

According to Südpack, this packaging solution is more affordable than other resealable alternatives like touch fasteners and uses less material than resealable hard-foil packaging, making it a more sustainable option.

To ensure optimal packaging, Multiclose uses upper and base films that are perfectly matched to each other as well as to the product, and which offer the best possible barrier properties, such as EVOH high barriers. For manufacturers of particularly delicate or medical products, there is also the option of an additional tamper-evident seal, which makes any manipulation attempts clearly recognisable, providing peace of mind for consumers.

A multitude of printing options make a range of creative designs possible, while high-gloss or matt finishes offer special haptic qualities. The pack format itself, optional sleeves and freely selectable labels set the packaging apart on the supermarket shelf, while natural designs give products the attractive appearance of goods fresh from the deli counter.



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