• A spoon-in-lid solution for the infant formula market in the ANZ region and East Asia.
    A spoon-in-lid solution for the infant formula market in the ANZ region and East Asia.

Pre-cut lidding manufacturer Chadwicks, in collaboration with plastic engineering specialist Tekplas, has developed a spoon-in-lid solution for the infant formula market in Australia, New Zealand and East Asia.

In a departure from traditional formula packaging, which involves placing the scoop spoon inside the can of formula, this solution incorporates a plastic spoon securely sealed within the over-lid, with a transparent die-cut lid provided by Chadwicks.

The over-lid and scoop are injection-moulded by Tekplas, and all the components of the packaging, including the aluminium can, over-lid, scoop and die-cut lid, are fully recyclable.

“The issue with the existing packaging is that the scoop becomes submerged within the contents of the can,” said Scott Laurence, general manager at Tekplas.

“By partnering with Chadwicks, we have introduced a significantly more user-friendly and accessible solution.

“Consumers can simply open the over-lid, peel away the clear pre-cut lid, and have the scoop spoon readily available for use.”

John Harrison, technical sales manager for Australia/New Zealand at Chadwicks, said packaging must combine functionality and user-friendliness to meet customer expectations.

“And the key to achieving this is through collaboration and innovation,” Harrison continued.

“While this application of a die-cut lid is a novel approach for both Chadwicks and Tekplas, it has already proven to be highly effective.”

Tekplas, a plastic engineering specialist, operates the only facility in New Zealand that offers plastic moulding within an ISO Class 7 clean room environment.

Chadwicks of Bury, headquartered in the UK, is a supplier of pre-cut lidding solutions, catering to a diverse range of sectors including food, dairy, beverage, personal care and household products.

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